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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Now THAT'S an Ally!

Pime Minister of Australia, John Howard, praised the USA in a speech at the Council of Foreign Relations in Chicago yesterday.

"Without American leadership, the trials and tragedies of recent years could be but a prelude of darker days to come," Mr Howard said in an address yesterday to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. "With American leadership, we can build a better world — not just for us, but for all."

(See story-click here)

Howard has been a staunch ally and we in America should take note and remember his efforts. The Auzzies are a great people and are probably the closest to "American" in their outlook than any other country, including England.

"To the voices of anti-Americanism around the world, to those who shout 'Yankee go home', let me offer some quiet advice: be careful what you wish for."

How right he is. The USA has been a beacon of liberty, prosperity and freedom since the first boat full of landed on our shores.

Every American should keep John Howard in our prayers and he should occupy a special place in our hearts. And we should remember, as well, the people of Australia.

-Warner Todd Huston
Not only am I glad for John Howard, but glad it happened here in Chicago. The embarassments of our governors has been horrific. Finally, something good said in the great Windy City!
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