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Thursday, May 25, 2006


NYTimes – Gnosticism is New?

- By Warner Todd Huston

The New York Times seems to be quite confused by all this DaVinci Code stuff. All this focus on religion must be too much for them. The latest is a May 21st article by Laurie Goodstein titled "It's Not Just a Movie, It's a Revelation (About the Audience)" that claims, among other misleading things, that Gnosticism is said to be somehow new on the Christian religious scene.

Goodstein seems to imagine we live in "an era in which many Christian believers have assimilated a whole lot of new and unorthodox ideas, as well as half-truths and conspiracy thinking, into their faith, while still seeing it as Christianity." She has decided to call it "Da Vinci Christianity."

But, like too many in the media, Goodstein thinks she has discovered something "new" when she is merely seeing something that has been around for time immemorial...................................

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I think the NYT also believed that the President being authorized to listen in on phone conversations was new, too. Guess that forgot all about when Clinton did it. Revelation in the Divinci Code...a fictional movie? Please...they need to move on to more important issue like, oh I don't know, say...immigration? Oh wait, I think that's new, too.
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