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Friday, May 19, 2006


On Writing (Bearing One's Soul)

- By R.A. Hawkins

For those of you who are regular readers I'm certain some of you have looked on occasion to see how my book 'Through Eyes of Shiva' is doing. I used to do that until I realized something. This is rather amusing and those of you who are among my liberal detractors should pay close attention here because I'm intentionally giving you the impression that I'm giving you something that you can use against me. That's right I'm speaking even to the pseudo-cons the most vociferous of vermin.

When I wrote that book I sent it to only one publisher because I just have that trusting nature that things will work out. In many ways they have. Once I received the rejection notice from that first publisher I didn't feel all that bad. I had started another book that was a sequel to it. I knew at that time that nobody would pick me up in the middle of writing a trilogy. I decided to self-publish. The problem with self-publishing is that you pretty much kill any chance you have of making it due to the rather pricey nature of your work. My hardbound edition was $31. The paperback was something like $21. As one can imagine the book went nowhere. I tend to suffer from an overabundance of faith and hope so I kept right on working on the second book. Once I finished it I went back to read the first one. I noticed my writing had changed a bit............................
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