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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Our Immigration Problem

- By John Cox
2008 Republican Presidential Candidate

The President's prime-time address last night has provided America with a
unique opportunity to discuss the topic of Illegal immigration in a rational
way. While I support the idea of temporary National Guard assistance to
secure the chaos at the border, we know that such action only briefly treats
one symptom of a much larger problem.

The root cause of our illegal immigration dilemma stems from the
overwhelming availability of illegal employment in the US. Landscapers,
construction companies, manufacturers, and other businesses related to
agriculture and hospitality, far too often take advantage of undocumented
workers who, out of economic desperation, will work for far less pay than
legal residents.

Employers have many economic incentives to brazenly thumb their collective
nose at the rule of law. Perhaps chief of these incentives is the fact that
they have, for far too long, been able to readily get away with it. Other
incentives include avoiding health care costs, workers compensation, and
additional benefits Americans have come to expect. Further, employers enjoy
zero accountability, and all too often wield the threat of deportation as
they demand longer hours, and require harder work for less pay. All of this
combined creates a second class of citizen, which in today’s America is both
shameful and unacceptable............
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