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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Remember Our Troops - Armed Forces Day May, 20th

We mustn't forget our troops this Armed Forces Day, especially when we have so many of them in harms way making life safer for so many millions around the world. Today's US military is so very dedicated and they truly believe in the great work they are doing. These volunteers leave the comforts of home to unselfishly lend needed assistance to so many people in need.

Armed Forces Day came about in Harry Truman's term in office, but it has gone somewhat forgotten these days. Let's change that, especially in this dangerous world in which we live. Our soldiers are more important than ever to our security and way of life.

I am proud to say that my eldest son is at that work even now. So, I dedicate this reminder about our troops to Pvt. Timothy Huston, ANG.

A little history of Armed Forces Day can be seen on the US Dept. of Defense Website.

On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace separate Army, Navy and Air Force Days. The single-day celebration stemmed from the unification of the Armed Forces under one department -- the Department of Defense. Each of the military leagues and orders was asked to drop sponsorship of its specific service day in order to celebrate the newly announced Armed Forces Day. The Army, Navy and Air Force leagues adopted the newly formed day. The Marine Corps League declined to drop support for Marine Corps Day but supports Armed Forces Day, too.

Go the the Dept. of Def. site for more history.(Click Here)

-Warner Todd Huston
Warner, I just posted about our day at Cantigny with lots of pix!! Great post you wrote today! Thanks for reminding folks of today. It is important!
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