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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Senate Gives Away Soc. Sec. Benefits to Illegals

Should we be surprised that the Senate has decided that the Social Security withholdings that illegal immigrants paid into the system while they were illegal should be returned to them once they finally become legal? Should we be surprised that the Senate wants to reward violations of the law this way?

I suppose we should not.

From Yahoo News we have this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate blocked an effort on Thursday to limit Social Security benefits for illegal immigrants who would become permanent residents under a sweeping immigration overhaul being debated by lawmakers.

Of course they did. Why, we wouldn't want to tell lawbreakers that their past "contributions" to Social Security might be forfeited by illegals as the results of their lawbreaking, would we?

Teddy "the swimmer" Kennedy said,

"Their money sits in the Social Security Administration waiting to be matched with an eligible beneficiary, and once those workers establish the eligibility, how in all fairness can we deny them the credit for their past contributions? "

No, Teddy, THIER money does NOT sit there. OUR money does. They did not legally earn that money and it should not be given to them as a reward for breaking our laws for all those years before they finally became legal residents.

One good thing came out of that session, though. The Inhofe amendment that would make English the official national language passed. This is a great thing and it is hoped that it will eventually become law.

(See Yahoo story by Clicking here)

But, for the most part, it is further proof that the US Senate is NOT pulling for America's interests.

-By Warner Todd Huston
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