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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Local Home Depot Employee Foments Linguistic Subversion

- By Frederick Meekins

Though no doubt irritated by the practice, most Americans pretty much put up with the number of businesses and public utilities providing services in both English and Spanish, often with the interloping tongue regularly showcased as the primary mode of speech offered.

However, as speakers of English let the good manners and propriety, for which the land their own language originated from is renowned, to take precedence and keep their mouths shut, there will come a day when the advocates of the invading culture will seize predominance and refuse to grant the same degree of verbal acceptance those now being conquered have been duped into extending.

A caller to the June 9, 2006 broadcast of The Chris Core Show on 630 AM WMAL in Washington, DC contacted the program to relay an experience he had in a Metropolitan Area Home Depot......................
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