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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Thirsty Illegal Aliens?

By Warner Todd Huston

Put this one in the what-did-you-expect category…

Apparently, the anti-American folks at “Humane Borders” are a bit upset that vandals are destroying or emptying the water stations they have set up in the Southern deserts in Texas to assist illegal aliens to cross our border illegally. (KVOA TV, Channel 4, Tucson)

Humane Borders volunteers travel into the wilderness near Tucson each day to refill tanks with water meant for the lips of illegal immigrants crossing the desert.

"We try to save people from dying from dehydration," said Paula Mich, a volunteer with Humane Borders.

That is all nice and mushy and full of “feelings”, of course, but stopping them from traversing that desert in the FIRST place is the obvious cure. NOT helping them do it with water stations!

Not everyone agrees with Humane Borders placing water tanks in areas heavily trafficked by illegal immigrants.

Mich says vandals have been coming out to the water stations, pulling the caps off the tanks and dumping the water out into the desert.

Yeah... My heart is broken for these criminals!

Here was the smartest part in the story…

Russ Dove, a local immigration activist, says he understands why people trash the tanks.

"The vandal issue is a sign that Americans have had enough," Dove said, "and from observation, I think it's only going to get worse."

Dove says Humane Borders is helping illegal immigrants, some he calls criminals, cross the border safely.

"These are robbers, rapists, murders. This is simply aiding and abetting criminal activity," Dove said.

Yes, unless our border is controlled it won’t be long before Mexicans illegally crossing the border start getting killed by fed-up Americans. Things are coming to a head and it won’t be pretty unless we take steps.

We won’t have to worry about them being thirsty when angry Americans begin to shoot at these criminals.
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