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Monday, June 26, 2006


Union Oppresses Member, Violates Law

-By Warner Todd Huston

In another chapter of we-know-better-than-you, a leftist Union has decided that it can violate the law and decide what is best for one of its members.

A Federal law states that employees who object to union membership on the basis of religious belief can divert their dues to a charity in order to accommodate their religious objections. Consequently, in Washington state, a teacher named Susan Wiggs has been trying to get her dues diverted to a charity of her choice for the last two years. But the Vancouver Education Association has been refusing to follow the law and accede to her requests.

Teacher Wiggs has been trying to get her money diverted to a charity whose aim is to eradicate sex trafficking and slavery of women and children, but her Union has steadfastly refused to allow it claiming the charity is "not acceptable". Shared Hope International is a charity founded by former Congresswoman, Linda Smith (R, Washington State), and geared to fight the oppression and abuse of women and children, but apparently this Union does not support such goals.

It shouldn't be surprising that this particular Union is violating the law, unfortunately. A few years ago this same Union had to settle a case brought by another Union member. Part of this settlement prompted the Union to observe a religious objector policy which states, "...the goal is to respect the objector's choice of charities, so long as the designated recipient is lawful and charitable."

Wiggs has repeatedly proven to the Union that Shared Hope International is a legal, legitimate charity, but to no avail. The Union refuses to follow the Federal law proscribing that they relinquish Wiggs' dues money to her designated charity.

I'll hazard a guess as to why. Shared Hope International was started by a Republican. And, regardless of the legitimacy of the charity, this Union refuses to allow any money that it claims as its own to go to the efforts of a person who is a Republican. It appears to be just that simple. Pure partisan hatred.

It has to be that simple. After all, does this foolish Union want to be thought of as being FOR forcing women and children into sexual slavery?
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