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Saturday, June 24, 2006


We Told You So --The UN Takes One More Step Toward Global Government

- By Justin Darr

For years, Conservatives have been trying to alert Americans and all freedom loving people in the world about the dangers the United Nations poses to individual liberty and democracy. Whether it was "Agenda 21," the United Nations' plan for global sustainable development that would void your private property rights, force you to give up your car in lieu of a bicycle, and reserve almost half of the United States as no human zones to facilitate habitat for migratory animals, or the United Nations' plan to wrest control of the Internet away from the United States and place it under the "unbiased" control of China, Sudan, and Cuba, or NRA President Wayne LaPierre's warning that the UN's "Small Arms Review Conference" was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment, Conservatives have always seen the UN as the anti-American organization it is. And, categorically, we have been ridiculed and called insane by the left as a result.

The left is so consumed in their anti-Americanism that they tend to gravitate toward and support anyone who is opposed to the United States, even to the point of becoming apologists for terrorists, and in this case, a dysfunctional and corrupt international organization. When a liberal is defending the UN, the arguments are generally based on some perceived notion that just because the majority of petty juntas, Communist dictatorships, and radical theocracies of the world have an opinion about something, then that opinion is, by default, granted the coveted Liberal mantle of "international moral authority." .....................
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The people of the United States are in real danger of being made slaves in our own country. The Globalist are having a field-day with this so called war on terror!

Who are the real terrorist? Some of the Elite in government believe that the American middle class are terrorist.

Wake UP USA we need to take our country back!
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