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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Why Does the New York Times hate Us?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Michael Barone has penned a great Op Ed today, and he couldn't be more right.

Why DOES the New York Times seem to want to go out of its way to inform terror networks of what it is our security services are doing to apprehend them or what our government is doing otherwise put a stop to the terrorist's nefarious plans? Why does the NYT want Americans to die?

Barone asks these questions and more.

Why do they hate us? ...No, the "they" I'm referring to are the editors of The New York Times. And do they hate us? Well, that may be stretching it. But at the least they have gotten into the habit of acting in reckless disregard of our safety.

Like most on the Anti-American left spawned by Europhiles from the era of McGovern, they hate the GOP in general and George W. Bush in specific so badly that they excuse their own treasonous actions as long as those actions defeat the enemies of leftism. And they feel that those enemies are not Islamofascists, but their fellow Americans, those who vote for the Party of Abraham Lincoln.

While Conservatives and Republicans are trying to rid the world of the hatemongers of radical Islam, people who want to kill homosexuals, oppress women, destroy freedom of expression, the press and religion, the Left is trying to rid the world of Republicans and Conservatives. Which seems the better target? Islamofascism or Americans?

The left agrees with the Islamofascists that America is the problem and should be destroyed.

Why do they hate us? Why does the Times print stories that put America more at risk of attack? They say that these surveillance programs are subject to abuse, but give no reason to believe that this concern is anything but theoretical. We have a press that is at war with an administration, while our country is at war against merciless enemies. The Times is acting like an adolescent kicking the shins of its parents, hoping to make them hurt while confident of remaining safe under their roof. But how safe will we remain when our protection depends on the Times?

Good questions, all and a great Op Ed by Barone.

For a whole lot of links and stories to the NYT treasonous actions, go to the Hugh Hewitt website where he has been blogging about it since last week. www.hughhewitt.com.

Then go to your Congressman and Senator's websites and send them a letter urging to prosecute the New York Times for its reckless abandon and treasonous actions.
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