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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A Book Review of Chris Hedges'--War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning

- By Greg Stewart

One immediately knows Chris Hedges view of war. One does not have to guess. Unlike some writers, who obscure their views in fluff and circumstance, Hedges’ treatise on war is cathartic, a "real life", experiential perspective as well as a rational survey view of war.

Nonetheless, Chris emotes passionately in his discourse of war. He presupposes three points:

-The "culture of war" is a living organism unto itself that propagates and consumes.

-There is "addiction of war" once it begins, it is like a "drug addict trying to chase after a bigger high."

-The "myths of war" is a narrative that is full of heroic epics, which hypnotizes the masses in popularizing unforgivable acts against another human being.

These are some of the organism's parts that bring about the "fate" of the culture in order to secure the continuation of hostile acts. The twin sisters, if you will, are really subsets of the umbrella of the actual "culture of war" and they deepen and ingrain the institutions of wars, in which, it makes it easier to commit heinous crimes over and over.
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