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Monday, July 24, 2006


An Essay--State of American Accountability

- By Greg Stewart

Well, after listening to (and participating) overnight talk radio, I am convinced that America is on the brink of destruction. Daytime talk radio has convinced me of this too; I need to turn off the radio.

Oh, it is just a matter of time, of course, when the "rational people" the US Senate, House of Representative, and any Executive Administration will drive the country into the ground--in order to save it.

According to one Rick Barber, an overnight radio personality, for 850 KOA AM, he is wary of those that claim they are doing this (saving the country from some epic darkness) for the "will of god, will of national security, will of the people, and the will of the children."

These spokespeople are willing to call on these "oppressed" minorities to usurp our liberty, but not their own, in terms of it being the "betterment of society," or "betterment of society" they are willing to subvert yours and mines..................
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