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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Iran and I Won (The Downside of Elections)

- By R.A. Hawkins

For those who look to the Mid-East for some signs of civility or as a minimum a willingness to talk in a straightforward manner, one only has to look at the last elections in Iran. Here we have a guy who has openly stated that his ultimate intent is to burn Israel off of the map. Then we have the nice people in the Palestinian terrortories, occasionally known as territories, who voted in Hamas as their new ruling political party? They have the exact same view as that nice guy over there in Iran.

Iran has now decided to begin threatening the United States. I'm not too surprised at the number of clowns who are emailing me and saying those threats are Israel's fault. I would like to add that there is one and only one who is emailing me with ridiculous comments like that. He reminds me of the media in a way: Somehow one point echoed over and over is supposed to make up for a lack of thought. The media tends to act like that also, and right now they seem to be once again on the side of Hamas and Iran's Hezbollah. Communist News Network is by far the most blatant in their support of the terrorist regimes..................................
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