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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Islamists are Nazis ... There Can BE no Other Claim

-By Warner Todd Huston

In the "A picture is worth one thousand words" department, here is one that fully explains what Islamofascism truly is.

-Credit Time Magazine

Harkening back to the era of Hitler, here is the flower and youth of Hizbullah displaying their fealty to their creed. Looking at this, how can ANYONE sit by and, Chamberlain-like, calmly claim that Islamists are not in the middle of launching WWIII?

Israel is NOT responsible for the destruction of Southern Lebanon. These kids and the adults that is poisoning their minds are. Islam is NOT compatible with modernity and we are fighting a war that must result in the ideology of Islam so devastated that it never again raises its fist to civilization. We must defeat it just like we did Nazism and Japanese Imperialism and Shintoism.

Anyone who thinks "diplomacy" will solve this clash of civilizations is worse than a fool, he is a participant in terrorism.
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You are a facist idiot rabblr rouser. Look up who enabled the Islamists to rise to this level and defeat them first. Isreal should be returned to Palestine and all the citizens should become Palestinian jews, just like 60 years ago. The US should throw off the responsibility of being the successor to the British Empire. We didn't colonize. Britian caused these problems. We should stop unilaterally backing Israel. Then perhaps we could deal with the 'terrorists/freedom fighters more effectively.
Nice that Mr. "Anonymous" had the guts to stand by his words with his name!

Too bad he hasn't the guts to stand up against terrorism, though.

But,I'm sure HE thinks Hitler had the right idea for all those icky Jeeeews!
You want a name? Well George is as good as any...

I have more guts than you regarding terrorists, remember one sides terrorists are the other sides freedom fighters. Remeber the revolutionary war by any chance? Also YOU are closer to Hitler with your obvious intolerence. Remember to thank a liberal for the fact that you are able to be a conservative. Jewish is a religon not a race, not a country. There is no claim to that piece of land. How would you like the Chinese to invade the US and enforce all those icky treaties we chose to ignore????? Oh and if anonymous bothers you so much, remove the option.
"Remove the option"? What do you think I invented Blogger's software?

Dude, you just aren't informed enough about history, intelligent enough, nor able enough to understand morals to bother responding to.

Besides, any further time I waste with you will just be supporting terrorism right along with you, killa.

Bye, bye.
You're right, you do support terrorism.

Have a nice life and remember to think.

Obviously the truth is not what you want unless it is your truth.
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