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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Mister Energy (Or Mister Kticulturennticulturedy)

- By R.A. Hawkins

Ted Kennedy has always amazed me because of the pretzel logic that he so often utilizes in his problem solving. We’ve heard nothing out of him regarding the war in Iraq that is positive. He has told us we need to get rid of our dependency on mid-eastern oil so we can leave the mid-east. I actually agree with him on that to some extent. Before I get off on the really weird spelling of his name above I want to explain why I don't necessarily agree with him on that point.

One of the reasons we don't want to leave the Mid-East has to do with preventing the expansion of China. They are one of those cultures that will probably never make the grade into our type of society. Living with a boot heel in one's mouth is expected over there. It’s always been that way right down to the color of the tiles on the roof of your house. Blue roofs were for the Imperials and if any dragon adorned any part of your house and it was an Imperial dragon (four claws not three) you now had a whole new set of serious problems to deal with regarding your government.

If we leave the Mid-East and allow China in to fill the power vacuum they will have the oil needed to spread their misery. Personally I think we teeter on the edge of heading that direction all too often no matter what party is in office here. That statement right there will give me a whole new set of emails from the drama queens who think they are suffering from a boot heel in their mouth right now. They will rant and rail against our government about how free we aren't, but they can do so only because here we are still free to say what we want so it's safe to do so. I've noticed that they seem to miss that point all too often................................
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