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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My Son Leaves for Iraq

Well, there he is. PFC Warner Timothy Huston of the 634th Support bttn (detailed with the 178th Infantry), Illinois National Guard.

Pvt. Huston left from the General Richard Jones armory in downtown Chicago, ILL on July 4th, headed for Fort Dix, New Jersey first and then on to the "sandbox", Iraq.

If any of you are the praying sort, say a few words for my oldest boy, will you?

Thanks, and, God willing, he'll be back with us safe and sound in 18 months.

-Warner Todd Huston, proprietor, Publius' Forum
Know that I will be praying for Timothy until he is returned safely to you and the rest of your family.

Your friend,

Prayer given. He's a fine-looking young man and I can sense the pride you have in your son from your remarks. I know that I am proud of all of our soldiers, Timothy included, and admire them. Godspeed Timothy.

I hope everything goes well for your son.

Happy 4th of July...belated...

Thanks for your commentary...

I'm usually only pray when I have lost my wallet or car keys but I intend to make an exception.
God willing, this fight will be fought and victory ours so that your younger son will not have to consider fighting in that armpit of this world.
To your son, Godspeed.
A thanks to each of you.
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