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Saturday, July 22, 2006


'Tactless' US 'Underling' Shocks Iceland With US Military Pullout

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Telegraph newspaper apparently cannot believe that America is gauche enough to take it upon itself to evaluate its own distribution of military forces in the world. How DARE the USA think that, in this era of unrest in the Mid East and terrorism, it can do what it wants to do with its own military!

In an article by David Rennie titled American pullout leaves Iceland defenceless, America is reported as "tactless" for its need to reevaluate keeping forces in Iceland, forces that were originally posted there for fighting the Cold War.

Apparently many in Iceland, not to mention the offices of the Telegraph, have not caught up to the news that the Cold War is over.

In a classic example of ingratitude for years of free service, Iceland is all aghast over the United States' decision that its armed forces are best stationed in other places in the world than the land of ice.

As a result, according to the Telegraph, the USA is being nasty to the good people of Iceland.

"The United States, which had assured Iceland's defence for decades, stunned the country in March when it announced that it would be closing its bases on the island, withdrawing its F-15 fighters and thousands of servicemen in the space of just six months.

This bombshell was dropped in a single telephone call from an underling at the State Department, followed by a letter from the US ambassador."

How DARE those evil Americans!

Apparently the Telegraph found at least one Icelander that agrees with them that America is just being a big poopyhead. Björn Bjarnason, the minister for justice and ecclesiastical affairs, who oversees the coastguard and police, is not very happy.

"The situation could one day require the 'tactless' Americans to be invited back, Mr Bjarnason thinks."

Well, THAT cinches it. We need to double the U.S. military presence. We don’t want to be thought of as jerks by ol' Björn, do we?

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