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Friday, July 21, 2006


Why do Conservatives support Israel?

-By Warner Todd Huston

It is a question that makes leftists and Europeans (one in the same, I realize) scratch their heads about these days. They just don't understand why we support Israel. They try to explain it away as "Evangelical zeal to bring the second coming", or mere bloodlust, but they really haven't a clue... not that their general cluelessness is unusual, mind you.

First off, I have to say we don't merely blindly support every move the Israelis make. They were wrong in pulling out of Gaza, wrong to believe the liar Clinton and follow his precepts with the pointless "road to peace" plan, and wrong to imagine that Arafat was an honest dealer. They have also had a few questionable military moves in the past, their spying on the US and the attack on the USS Liberty being just the most egregious examples. With disclaimers in place we move to today...

So, in a very bold and honest assessment of why many Conservatives support Israel, here we go. I should warn that it isn't pretty, it isn't clean, and it isn't a soft approach to the current situation that Conservatives support. It is judgmental, harsh, and unfortunately necessary.

To begin with, it is all a matter of morality to Conservatives. And many Conservatives never get past that basic point to bother considering the more "nuanced" issues, as without a moral basis for consideration, there isn't much reason to continue.

In the balance of being "right" or "wrong" between the two sides, the Muslims are 100% on the side of evil. Israel has made mistakes like every country and government has, but for the most part it has been forthright, patient and in the right. Sadly, since Anwar Sadat was murdered there has not been a single Muslim leader who has even approached being moral on the issue of Israel in any way whatsoever (And look what it got Sadat).

The Muslims actions against Israel are 100% wrong and absolutely without cause or justification. Their basic premise is to KILL EVERY JEW. That is all there is to their "reasons" as this racist hatred forms the very bedrock upon which their actions are built.

Even if you can construe one action or another by Israel to provide enough "reason" for Muslims to be mad at them, the very fact that the Muslims do not want to deal as civilized people with the established and legitimate country of Israel, the very fact that their underlying purpose is to deny the Jew's very human rights, to murder every Jew quite regardless of any "cause" or political situation, these reasons invalidates any concerns that are due the Muslims.

The most telling fact is that many textbooks that children in the Islamic Middle East use in their classrooms do not have Israel on the maps, as if Israel does not “really” -- wink, wink -- exist. Nothing excuses this kind of hatred for a Conservative and it colors everything that Muslims do in the matter as far as Conservatives are concerned.

The left sees a leveling of blame against the Muslims as being morally equivalent with terrorism. However, Conservatives see it as justice. Of course, the reason the sides differ so greatly here is because Conservatives believe in a clear right and wrong side in most of life, not just the Israel question. Leftists merely see all human action as comparable to all other human action, no right, no wrong... only actions justified by each participant's own criteria and all justifiable on that level.

So, when Conservatives see Israel pulverizing Muslims we are supportive because the Muslims deserve their punishment for all their underhanded dealings and perfidy. And we hope that millions of them are killed because, at some point, peace in this situation can only be had by the utter and incontrovertible defeat of Islam.

Just like millions of Germans and Japanese had to die to end their evil, the same must happen to Islam. Millions will regrettably have to die to save the lives of billions in the future. Their ideology has to become so odious, so decimated that it cannot rise again.

Conservatives generally do not believe that Islam can coexist with liberal, modern civilizations. It is anti-modernity at its worst and cannot be fixed. So they feel it will have to be laid waste to bring freedom and liberty to succeeding generations. Islam is an enemy to civilization and it needs to be defeated so badly that it never again raises a fist.

Just like Shintoism.

Just like Nazism.

Frustration comes in the form of the fetid UN trying to pretend that they are creating "peace" by rallying support for the murdering Muslims who return the favor by skulking away under the cover of the International Community’s brokered “peace” to re-fit, re-build, but otherwise NEVER intending to stop their murdering of Jews.

In the mean time, Israel goes back home and takes bombing after bombing, murder of their own after murder of their own, attack after attack all by these "peaceful" Muslims. All the while Israel tries to be a good citizen of the world and continues to try diplomacy to appease the vaunted "World community".

So, we feel the only true solution is that millions of Muslims must be killed and the sooner the better it will be for the whole world. Not because Jews are somehow perfect or that Muslims just plain “need killing”, but because Islam is so patently evil and needs to be defeated!

If some imagine that makes Conservatives "bloodthirsty" or "uncivilized" it is merely their inability to understand reality, morals and the desire for freedom and liberty. As Jefferson said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants".

It isn't pretty. It isn't clean and safe. But it IS reality.

And it is at a point where many feel that only outright victory can succeed. Diplomacy is impotent and a fool's errand.

In the end, it is a war of ideology. Conservatives felt as strongly against Communism as they do the anti-modernist Islam. Both are oppressive, backwards, and dangerous to Democracy and freedom everywhere. Both were evil, wrong ideologies. Both are an enemy that must be laid waste.

It should also be noted there is nothing “racist” about it. Conservatives are not against “Arabs”. They are against oppression. And, being against oppression used to be something the left was against, too. Too bad they aren’t any more.

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