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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Why Is David Barton's Wallbuilders Asking Questions About Race?

- By Frederick Meekins

In websurfacing David Barton's Wallbuilders website, I clicked on the link for his organization's pastor's briefing.

At this event, Christian ministry leaders (common believers not being good enough apparently) are given a tour of the Capitol building by Barton and Christian members of Congress detailing the religious symbolism throughout the building.

Are regular Christians somehow not pious enough or simply too stupid to hear this information from the Holy Barton himself and must instead receive it second hand from their pastors?

Apart from the hypocrisy that Barton himself would not qualify to go on his own tour since he is technically not a pastor but a historian, Christians should be more concerned about something else on the Wallbuilders site.

On the site's registration page for the tour, apart from asking for name, address, and ministerial affiliation of the applying cleric (no doubt to weed out those in the laity unworthy of an audience with such auspicious elites), one of the blanks the applicant is forced to fill out asks for race. ........................
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