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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Bill Clinton Republicans

- By Rudy Takala

There are few desirable candidates seeking political offices this year, something we can attribute to the fact that monarchs within the party establishments chose who would be allowed to run in most elections. Our plight is hardly worth expounding on. As we peer into the future, however, we should realize that even worse candidates will be upon us in 2008.

Republicans appear hell bent on emulating every Democratic president the nation has had since 1940. The current president has managed to outspend LBJ, but he hasn't managed to act as a flamboyant moral degenerate. This is a flaw that some Republicans will attempt to rectify in the next election. Generally all of the names we see mentioned as potential candidates for president will disturb any person who is reasonably informed. However, I continue to see one name floated about that I find particularly atrocious.............
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