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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Okay Then, Now What?

By Gregory Stewart

You have to be kidding. Yesterday, I watched the tail of end of a segment of on the Sunday Morning version of NBC Today show (unable to find video link, but here is the AP story (read). It was about alternate energy usage and the effects of it.

Apparently, this new (relatively) type of alternative energy is so obtrusive that it visually disturbs childhood memories, kills birds, and interferes with FAA radar. Oh, the energy alternative is clean and reusable--and virtually limitless. The harvest of the energy, nevertheless, is troublesome to the tree huggers and the nostalgic old timers at the same time.

For the environmentalist this energy alternative harmed the little animals, while for the old timers disturbed their view of beautiful vistas. So, what is this alternative energy resource that even had Don Quixote “tilting” at them—the windmill. However, these aren’t your great great great great great great great (is that enough?) granddaddy windmills. These can power whole cities with energy and is one of the cleanest resources of energy.

So, when I ask this question, if this type of energy alternative is unacceptable? Okay then, now what do we do? I am seriously confused in what type of renewable energy would be acceptable to any of these groups--hmph! Any opinions?
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