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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Other Israel (India: A Power Waiting To Happen Again)

- By R.A. Hawkins

China has always been a benign country when it is weak. When it becomes strong it becomes malevolent. On his deathbed Richard Nixon is purported to have said that he feared he had created a Frankenstein by opening relations with China. Carter wasn't one to be outdone in doing stupid things and told Taiwan it wasn't the cat's meow anymore. Of course Clinton wasn't to be outdone so he made China even worse. He capitulated to their threats and under him there was so much theft such as the nuke secrets at Los Alamos etc. and allowing the Chinese to take over both ends of the Panama Canal. China is now moving to create havoc in South America through Chavez with his hand on the oil spigot. China was also quite happy when the 911 terrorist attacks occurred and sold books and videos celebrating the attacks.

China is no longer a benign country. They have threatened nuclear attacks several times and nothing has been done about it. We just keep importing their slave-labor manufactured goods from the laogis. Along with that we’ve also exported our technology. It might appear that I'm primarily blaming the Democrats for this but that isn’t true. Both parties are guilty. It's just that the words 'stupid' and 'Carter' or 'Clinton' go together like 'Communist' and 'concentration camp'.

But there is a country that has a beef with the Chinese and their expansionist policies. That's because they are at times toe-to-toe with one of their allies Pakistan and then there was that little war China had with India. Like Israel India has a few problems but it has more advantages....................................
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