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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Our Culture... Your Culture... They Are All The Same!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Gather 'round, multiculturalists everywhere. I'll tell you a story guaranteed to prove to you that we are all really "just people", citizens of the world, after all. Why, this story will show you all that one culture is as good as another, one nation just like the next. Heck, fellers, we're all just the same and all cultures are as good as the next and this'll PROVE it ...

14 Indians, including kids, flogged in "Maya punishment"

Guatemala City, Aug 22 - Fourteen Guatemalan Indians were publicly flogged, forced to kneel on bottle caps and shorn of their hair after being convicted by a traditional assembly of various offenses, local media reported Tuesday.

The so-called "Maya punishment," provided for in traditional codes acknowledged by the modern nation-state, was applied Monday in the northwestern town of Nahuala, community leader Pascual Ixmata told the press.

The 14 accused - four of them women - were whipped and forced to kneel on bottle caps, and their hair was cut off.

The male miscreants, who were charged with sniffing glue, also had sacks of sand placed on their shoulders, Ixmata said.

The women scourged Monday had been accused of selling children to adoption brokers, the same crime for which 12 other Indians - eight men and four women - were subjected to the "Maya punishment" 10 days ago in the town of Pasajaquin.

There. Ya SEE? We ARE all the same, huh? Our American culture isn't any "better" than any other culture!

These "Mayans" were pretty cool folks, eh? I wonder how they invented bottle caps thousands of years before a bottle capping machine was invented though... I guess that is why they were so great!

One other thing, aren't natural drug plants sorta easy to get down there? I mean, they have drug cartels all OVER the place. Why did they need to sniff glue to get high when EVERY drug on the planet is easily within reach everywhere you go down there? I guess that Georgie Sorros' idea that if we make drugs legal, no one will want to break the law sort of fails to make sense in light of this one?

Anyway, it sure shows that our justice systems are so alike as to be scary, eh? I can't Tell you how many times I have seen drug dealers in the USA made to kneel on bottlecaps and have sand bags put on their shoulders. And they DESERVED it, too!

Yep, every culture is just like the next one. I just feel so warm and squishy inside...
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