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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Passing of a friend

Bart McGloughlin, RIP

I'd like to take a minute from my usual subject of politics and societal critique to mention the passing of a co-worker and friend.

Bart was quite the bon vivant, as interesting as they come. Quirky, yet caring, thoughtful, yet oddly impulsive at times. Many was the night we spent ruminating about things strange, deep, important, and silly.

He was widely read and deeply spiritual... yet doubtful of "religion".

There was one thing he believed that I dearly hope he has just discovered is true with his passing from this life. Bart believed that this corporeal life was just a stage. That all energy went on and this life was not all there was.

So, I'll hoist a few with those who knew him. For those who did not, ya missed a doosie of a fellow!

Bon voyage, Bart. I look forward to catching up with you some day and finding out what you have already discovered.

-Warner Todd Huston
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