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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Senate Bill to Create Website to Disclose Fed Funding Awards

-By Warner Todd Huston


Here is an interesting bill, introduced by Senator Tom Coburn (R- OK), that should be encouraged to continue winding its way through the cogs of the Senate.

Senate bill - S2590

The "Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006".
A creation of a searchable website, open for public use, that details a full disclosure of entities receiving Federal funding.

It has 29 co-sponsors that runs the gamut of a bipartisan effort. From John McCain and Virginia's George Allen, to Illinois's Dick Durbin and Minotiry leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, both sides are well represented.

However, I have learned that an undisclosed Senator has requested a "hold" on this bill. Here is the definition of a "hold" in Senate parlance:

Hold - An informal practice by which a Senator informs his or her floor leader that he or she does not wish a particular bill or other measure to reach the floor for consideration. The Majority Leader need not follow the Senator's wishes, but is on notice that the opposing Senator may filibuster any motion to proceed to consider the measure.

Well, that means SOME Senator is trying to stop us "little folk" in "fly over country" from being able to easily find out where our money is going!

And, in this day and age of technology, there should be no reason why we shouldn't be able to quickly and easily discover what agencies are getting milk from the government teat!

So, be sure and contact your Senator and tell him to get the hold off of this bill and get it PASSED!
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