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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Thoughts on Lebanon

- By John H. Cox, Republican candidate for President 2008

The crisis in Lebanon is a manifestation of years of appeasement instead of principled confrontation against the evils of Islamic radicalism. The people of Lebanon as well as the people of Iran and Syria and other countries in the region want what you and I want – peace, freedom, opportunity and the ability to house and feed their children.

Unfortunately, there are leaders among them who are interested in cementing their own power by creating division, war and conflict. We can see that in Iran where a group of Mullahs have a tight hold on that country’s oil wealth while the people have little voice.

The United States is supporting Israel’s right of defense, and that is the right thing to do because every sovereign nation has the right of self-defense. I definitely believe it is incumbent upon the U.S. to use this crisis as an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that the taking of innocent human life is never appropriate. We must demonstrate to the world that the will of the people should prevail above the will of a small group of leaders bent on power seeking. That is why the effort in Iraq is so very important; to demonstrate that democracy can take hold in this region.............
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