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Monday, August 28, 2006


When Politicians Are Ignorant of The Constitution...

-By Warner Todd Huston

It is a great line often used as a toss away by people who are interested in politics, I've used it myself a few times. When faced with a court ruling that seems absurd, or a politician that is proposing something that doesn't fit in the framework of our history and Constitution, it becomes easy to say that they know nothing of the Constitution.

Many times, that isn't as true as it is mere rhetoric with which one might beat an opponent about the head with. But, sometimes a politician will say something so blasted stupid that you just KNOW that the epithet fits them like a glove.

Such is true of a state senator from the State of Maryland, Lisa Gladden. A woman that has proven herself to be ignorant of the Constitution, not only of that in her own state but of the Federal government as well, along with other documents from our Founding era.

Currently, the Democrats in Maryland proposed a measure that directly violates their own state Constitution, according to the courts. They wanted to institute early voting days, arranged to occur before the general election day, yet the state Constitution directly and unequivocally states that state wide voting shall be held on one day a year only.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Ronald Silkworth shot down the change the state's Democratic Party machine tried to make to the voting procedures, fortunately -- angering his Party, of course. This rebuke of their efforts by the judge caused our intrepid, lump-head in the state capitol to say:

"A constitution is a living, breathing document. If you always literally interpret the Constitution you get strange results, like 'all men are created equal,' so what do you do with the women?"

Not only is there nothing in the Constitution about "all men being created equal" (because that happens to be in the Declaration of Independence, not the U.S. Constitution) but it is an indisputable fact that "men" was used as a description of mankind, all of humanity, not just humans of the male gender in the Founding era!

So, we have at least one REAL case of a woman so gut wrenchingly ignorant of history, law and the Constitution that we can correctly say she knows NOTHING about them all!

What a moron. But, someone VOTED for this moron, so the people get what they deserve.

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