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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Is Juan Williams A Mole? - New Media Alliance spotlight

-by Bob Parks

Later this week, I will be attending (as well as producing a videotaped archive of) a private screening of Nina May‚s documentary "Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution".

"Emancipation" unveils the truth that the Republican Party was actually birthed out of the minds of congressmen who shared a common cause: a hatred for slavery and the desire to eliminate pro-slavery legislation from the House and Senate. In fact, most black families in America voted Republican after the Civil War and up through the 50s, and the early congress in the United States was composed of a sizable number of black lawmakers. One of the most shocking points May‚s film makes is that once
the Democratic party, responsible for the creation of the KKK, regained control ofthe House and Senate in 1892, it repealed civil rights laws that were similar, if not identical, to laws enacted during the Civil Rights movement, over 70 years later."
-- Ain‚titCoolNews.com

Nina's press release reads, "The screening on Capitol Hill during the Congressional Black Caucus convention next week will provide an alternative voice on what is perceived as 'the' unified view of all blacks according to a handful of self-proclaimed spokesmen."

So what does this have to do with Juan Williams and my continual mistrust of his virtual conversion to conservative black spokesperson? Maybe it‚s just that I‚m a crotchety old man (mid to late forties) and I just don‚t trust people as much as I should. Some of the God-fearing, forgiving people I associate with, welcome Williams as a powerful new voice of black conservatism.

As I've always been honest while writing to the masses, I fully admit to some jealousy here. Many other black conservatives and I have written the very things Juan Williams is now being credited with discovering. But what I find disturbing is the fact that he is a liberal pundit with National Public Radio. If he had all these conservative leanings, why did he keep silent?

The answer to that is obvious: he would be out of a job. But seeing how people like Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, Ken Hamblin, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, all of us at Project 21, and most recently Bill Cosby, have been raked over the coals, why is Juan Williams being lauded?

Is Juan Williams a mole?

If Juan had all these conservative opinions and kept them to himself just to keep the good money flowing in, then that says something about his integrity. In my opinion, he has little to none. I don't believe he‚s always been this cloaked conservative. If he was and NPR knew it, why wouldn't they have hired Shelby Steele instead? Is Juan Williams a better thinker than Thomas Sowell?

I think not, but that's not what NPR was looking for. It's obvious they were looking for someone who was black, sounded black (liberal Democrat), and Juan Williams was willing to cash their checks.

Bill Cosby has everything to lose and little to gain by his comments, outside of peace of mind. I don't see other black conservatives being paraded over all the networks. Why is Juan Williams being given the messiah treatment?

Let's look at things from a political strategy viewpoint. The last two presidential elections have been razor close. Any siphoning off of the rock-solid black vote would spell doom for the Democrats for years. With all the "great minds" in the Democrat Party, would it be better for them to have a black person make these points and co-opt the message? If a Juan Williams made the points that we‚ve been making for years, could liberals whitewash their own history?

Is it foolish to rule out that they‚re making a pre-emptive strike against black conservatives, especially with the cluster bomb-like damage Nina May‚s documentary will cause if not countered, and fast?

Is that why Juan Williams has been allowed to speak?

My problem with Juan is that if he held these views earlier, he should have had the balls to say so. Sure, he may not have had a job since liberals are full of it when it comes to that "free expression of ideas" thing. So it would appear, he remained silent, let others take the bullets, and when he thought the coast was clear, came out and is now one of the most sought after book-pushers on television.

Liberals think and expect so little of blacks that using Juan Williams would require no conscience on their part. This is all about power. Whether she knows it or not, Nina May has her finger on the button. Along with the words and writings of many others, the Democrat Party faces a backlash that only decades of lies could unleash.

Juan Williams chose sides long ago. Being forgiving is virtuous. Be virtuous while having to look over your shoulder is foolish.

-Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, and VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.
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