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Monday, September 04, 2006


Labor Day – The Essential American Tradition

-By Chuck Busch

On the first Monday of September, the United States always observes Labor Day, a solely American tradition honoring the diligence and hard work of all who through their sacrifices, ingenuity and ambition have built up the world’s greatest industrial powerhouse that is our nation. The country has been doing so since 1894 when President Grover Cleveland declared it as a national holiday. This year's commemoration, however, holds much more significance than in the past, because that position which America has enjoyed since the end of World War II is now being seriously challenged by disturbing trends in several economic sectors.

The steady erosion of our country's industrial base and technical resources being outsourced to lesser-developed countries, an enormous trade deficient with the importation of cheaper goods, federal and state budgets spiraling out of control carrying the threat of increased taxation to cover the largess, fuel and energy cost increases, the overwhelming burden of health care and insurance, the country's infrastructure being bought out and controlled by foreign interests, the transferring of service and technical positions to remote foreign providers, the contracting of the domestic steel and automotive industries, and the decline of labor union prominence and protections are some reasons for anxiety among the average middle class American worker.

But perhaps the most immediate and direct threat to many American workers is the Bush's administration's unofficially sanctioned and unconstitutional open borders policy that has allowed a tidal wave of illegal aliens to flood into the country depressing local wages and devouring community resources. Despite the claims that these people are only providing needed manpower at a lower cost, their presence here is anything but cheap to the U.S. taxpayer in terms of increased health, educational, welfare, infrastructure, FBI surveillance and law enforcement burdens. And who can put a price on the citizens who have suffered not only the lost of jobs and wages, but have been victims of violent crime and vehicle accidents perpetrated by objectionable people who should not have been here in the first place.

On this Labor Day Weekend, noticeably absent were any planned mass demonstrations "to recognize the contribution of Hispanic workers to the U.S. economy" as occurred in the spring of this year. This is especially puzzling considering how close the 2006 November midterm elections are. Would not this be the perfect opportunity for the illegal aliens to once again come out in force to protest the House strict enforcement immigration reform bill and coerce spineless politicians into caving-in to the "amnesty for all" cop out? There are two reasons for this.

First, Labor Day is strictly the essential American holiday with no association with the Day of International Solidarity of Workers (May Day), which is a communist celebration as was observed on May 1. Illegal aliens have no interest in anything American except to fully exploit the welfare security net and to enjoy all the other benefits of living in an orderly prosperous society; all the while being aided and abetted by radical leftist civil rights groups, academic anarchists, Latino militant groups espousing insurrection, senseless sanctuary communities, religious misguided missions, clueless Hollywood celebrities, a malevolent main stream media, economic opportunists, loony liberal politicians and muddled multiculturalists.

Second, the Hispanic community demonstrations in May had less to do with the American election in the fall than it did with an election that was held July 2 in Mexico. The Marxist supporters of Lopez Obrador were tremendously successful in the manipulating the masses and certain witless US politicians to demand that the country capitulate and surrender its laws and sovereignty. They were hoping that a strong and perhaps violent reaction from the American people to the demonstrations would create an anti-American sentiment in Mexican that would bring the Party of the Democratic Revolution into power.

Fortunately for all of North America and liberty, their plan failed. The majority of the people of Mexico acted out of hope and belief in their own county and not out of jealousy and resentment for the US and voted in Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party by a slim margin. In true Marxist style, Obrador has refused to accept the election outcome and is threatening to set up a parallel government to challenge the duly authorized administration. So serious is the threat to Mexico's stability that Vincente Fox was unable to deliver his state of the nation address on the floor of Congress when leftist lawmakers rose to protest the election results. Its alarming how intertwined American politics and economics have become with Mexico's fortunes.

The American people though distressed by the events of May 1 did not overreact to the mass rallies in our major cities. This is because Americans are not racist or bigoted, but are extremely tolerance and patient. They believe in our system of government and laws to effect change through deliberation and not by demonstration of raw street power. However, there is a limit as how much longer the people will tolerate gross negligence of the border and malfeasance in enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

Americans will not consent to the demise of the cultural heritage and national values which inspired our brilliant and enduring Constitution. Despite what history revisionists may say, the United States of America was established as a Christian nation by courageous people of European descent united by a common language and a fierce desire for equality and freedom. The British remain our cultural cousins to this day and have been a steady ally in world affairs. There is no reason to radically alter the basic nature of a country that has overcome many divisive circumstances to become a major stabilizing power in the global community. Certainly it is aberrant that one dissimilar ethnical group gain prominence in society by illegitimate means.

Inaction by the government on these vital issues has already rallied the people to a new activism that has begun with numerous grassroots immigration reform and border control groups lobbying for policy change. Americans will work through the political system, but they will nonetheless defend their way of life and our national sovereignty just as their predecessors guarded against foreign invasion and threats in the past. Americans will unite to bolster the strength of the middle class, which has been the economic engine of this country and producer of general prosperity for the last six decades against the degrading effects of unfair foreign competition, illegal business practices and unwise government policies.

Americans are weary of having their wages being frozen, eroded by higher taxes or worse yet, seeing their jobs going overseas. They are uncomfortable with not being able to communicate with people they encounter on the street and in the workplace. They are alarmed at the rise of nationwide gang organizations and the trafficking of drugs and human beings. They are worried that the county's industrial independence and ability to act in its own interests will be lost in a maze of international agreements. They are frightened by what might be creeping across the border in the dead of night. The Bush administration seems all too willing to allow trans-border business interests trump national security concerns. Someone needs to tell public officials that Americans are willing to pay a higher price for goods for greater safety and stability. "It's the borders, stupid."

Where are we going to be in 10 to 20 years if present negative trends continue? Come this November the American people will again wield that wonderful power to change the course of the country. They will have the opportunity to hire or fire their representatives based on their dedication or lack of to our national values. I am hopeful on this Labor Day, that as people rest from their hard work that they will also renew their resolve to keep what their forefathers fought to preserve for them and be prepared to exercise that all important asset of citizenship, the right to vote.
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