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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Liberals and Truth - Keeping the Plame Alive

- By R.A. Hawkins

For some reason the truth and liberals go together about like baklava and apple streusel. When I wrote http://www.entropical-paradise.com/id247.html "An Affair to Remember" and http://www.entropical-paradise.com/id246.html "A Reliable Source" I pointed out that no law had been broken. All we heard from the liberals and their media mouthpieces was that the Republicans couldn't be trusted with National Security. As is always the case the exact opposite has turned out to be the case. The leak, which broke no law whatsoever, actually came from the offices of the State Department. Where are the commie hunters when you really need them?

All we heard for months on end was the sound of rolling blunder, which like rolling thunder, quite often never produces anything that is of consequence. How is it that the media and the liberals get a free pass on this? It is because they are all one in the same. We'll never hear any apologies from any of these people who subjected the nation to the psychological equivalent of a body cavity search in public as they emboldened our enemies. They spoke of accountability and have none. You are the ones who are responsible for holding them accountable. Quit supporting them! Quit making it possible for them to do the dirty work of our enemies.....................................
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