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Thursday, September 21, 2006


New Media Alliance Posting - The Choice in November

by Randall H. Nunn

Like many conservatives, there are a number of reasons why I am disappointed with the Bush administration and unhappy with the Republican-controlled Congress. With control of the White House and both houses of Congress, so much was possible and yet little has been accomplished. Social security reform has fizzled as has meaningful tax reform. Were it not for conservative opposition, the U.S. Supreme Court would have been weakened with the appointment of a nominee who lacked the qualifications and conservative principles required for such a post at this time in our history. The administration has been ineffectual on immigration, drilling in ANWR, spending restraint and a number of other issues important to the country and it seems unable to articulately and coherently state its positions on these issues. Yet, despite the bumbling and seeming lack of conviction, Republicans must remain in control of Congress this November.

If the Republicans lose either house of Congress, the damage that would be inflicted upon the country by the leftist Democrats who would accede to the committee chairmanships and positions of power would be almost unimaginable. These leftists would not only attempt to undo every conservative initiative in the domestic policy arena but would seek to withdraw support to those who are presently assisting this country in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the war against terrorism. Many of those presently assisting us are already nervous about our will as a country to see this through to a successful conclusion, both based on past history and present statements in our mainstream media. If the United States backs away from the battle against the Islamic fascists, it will be many years before others will trust our national will enough to ally with us. There can be no doubt where a Democratic-controlled Congress will try to take us, knowing the present Democratic leadership. Those conservatives who find it difficult to vote for some Republicans need to view the upcoming elections as an opportunity to vote against the likes of Pelosi, Murtha, Kennedy and Schumer. 2006 is a time to celebrate the fine old American tradition of voting against, rather than for.

Now I know it is not considered chic to be negative and that it is considered far more commendable to be positive, upbeat and proactive. But isn’t it much more exciting to vote against a radical leftist and see them go down in flames than to vote for an opponent for whom you can only muster lukewarm support? After all, any one of a thousand people, no matter whether they are somewhat lacking in conviction on this issue or that, or even if downright mediocre, is better than a Murtha or Pelosi. Let’s send a message to the mainstream media, Hollywood, the academic world and the big-money backers of the left by voting against these people. This is one election in which it should be infinitely easier to vote against than it is to vote for. Honor your country and your principles by voting against a jerk. Who you are voting for is not, at this juncture, as important as who you are voting against. A rising tide of negativity will sweep all before it if we just let our indignation, anger and exasperation do their job in the voting booths across this country this November.
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