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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Publius' Forum Joins the 2996 Project

-By Warner Todd Huston

As I publish Dave Huntwork's fine piece on the 2996 Project an effort to give tribute to the victims of the murderous attacks on 9/11/01, I thought I'd let everyone know that a few weeks ago I had requested a name to memorialize, as well.

On Friday, the 8th, I will be posting my small tribute to Ramon Grijalvo and it will be up at the top of the page until the 11th.

There will be no other posting on Friday night or Saturday in silent memory of that horrible day.

On Sunday night we will begin our normal operations.

I hope every one of you pause at least on Sunday to remember. We should NEVEr forget that outrage and should focus our energy ever more on revenge and justice for those killed as well as doing our utmost to stop more people from joining the victims of 9/11.
Well said, Warner, well said!!!
Thanks, Pamela

I urge all boggers to get involved with this project.
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