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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The Real Tokyo Rose (Born on the Fourth of July)

- By R.A. Hawkins

Last week I mentioned Tokyo Rose while referring to the new mouthpiece of al-Qaeda. I received a rather interesting email from a nice lady in California who is part of a conservative group that supports our troops from all wars. She sent me a few articles and a link to a very interesting webpage, www.dyarstraights.com. I read for quite a while and then while I was at work I asked a few people who they thought Tokyo Rose was. I found the same misperception to be just about everywhere. Nobody had the straight story. So here is another, more honest, story of who she really is and was.

In an article from the Washington Times, James C. Roberts blew the lies out of the water with some nicely placed salvos of facts. Born in Southern California as Iva Toguri into a Japanese-American family determined to assimilate she grew up and went to school like any one of us. She graduated from UCLA with plans to become a doctor. Her aunt was ill and needing help asked Iva's mother to come to Japan. Iva's mother was also in very poor health, so Iva went instead. She thought she was going to be in Japan for six months, but December 7 1941 changed everything. During her time in Japan Iva took a job at the Domei News Agency as a typist. In 1943 she responded to an add from Radio Tokyo asking for English speaking typists and quickly found herself intertwined in a situation that forever changed her life and shadows her to this day.......................................
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