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Saturday, September 02, 2006


The state of the unions, 2006

- By Michael M. Bates

Especially around Labor Day, union leaders like to act as though they speak for all workers. The truth is they don't even speak for all members of their unions.

Organized labor's most treasured value, solidarity, has been smashed. Six million union members have left the 15-million-strong AFL-CIO for the more militant Change to Win breakaway group.

"Look for the union label" was a song featured in an advertising campaign of the late 1970s. Americans by and large have stopped looking for the union label, on jobs as well as clothing.

Years ago, saying something was made in America meant more than it does now. Items that are higher priced than goods from overseas and only marginally better in terms of quality, if that, make such products less attractive to the consumer......................................
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