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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A.D.D.S. (American Democrat Dhimmitude Suicide)

- By R.A. Hawkins

It is quite amusing to see the way the Democrats have so carefully shaped the debate and prepared the battlefield with salvo after salvo of "Quagmire!" "Bogged down!" and "No exit strategy!" in spite of the fact that they know they voted almost unanimously for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But like anyone who is a slow opportunist they have been miraculously distracted at the absolute last moment. They have accidentally reshaped the debate and turned the spotlight on that one area where they dare not cast a spotlight. I'm inclined to say they don't have a learning curve but that wouldn't be very fair. Their learning curve is more like a loop. Anyone who has ever tried to write a program for a computer knows what that is. There is usually only one thing that you can do when you get caught in a loop and that is shut down. Fortunately for us the only way to shut them down is by not letting them back into office.

This dreaded area for the Democrats is the Foley case, which seems to have brought the spotlight back on their lack of a forward moving learning curve. We now have Jim Webb who says that oral sex between a father and son such as he wrote about in his book 'Lost Soldiers' 'is' not sex. He said it was inappropriate to read the excerpt on the radio. He also said that he saw this happen with a father and a four-year-old son in Bangkok and that the excerpt 'is' illuminative. Unfortunately he 'is' right about that. We have another Democrat saying that this particular act 'isn't sex. He went on to say that his opponent has nothing to say about the war in Iraq and the country was breaking itself into pieces economically. He didn't explain exactly what he meant however. The important part for him was not providing anything that resembles a solution. He just felt it necessary to spew more of that liberal nihilism for which they are all so famous..........................................
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