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Monday, October 30, 2006


BBC Claims it ISN'T Biased... uh, huh, riiiight!

-By Warner Todd Huston

A few weeks ago, the BBC complained that one of my Newsbusters pieces unfairly criticized them as horribly biased. Then a recent report emerged wherein Andrew Marr, a BBC staffer, said at an internal seminar that the Beeb had gone too far in pursuit of multiculturalism.

It seems that the BBC is getting tired of these so-called mischaracterizations...

BBC 'not crammed full of soft liberals' says deputy chief

One of the BBC's most senior executives has defended the corporation against accusations that it is "crammed full of soft liberals" obsessed with pushing a politically correct agenda.

In an exclusive interview, Mark Byford, the deputy director-general, has hit back at suggestions that the broadcaster is too sensitive to the feelings of Muslim viewers and that it has an inbuilt anti-Christian bias.

But this claim seems disingenuous after a week were the BBC announced a consideration of allowing Veiled Muslim news presenters and has featured an embedded reporter with the Taleban allowing the Taleban free and unfettered access to a platform from which they can disseminate their anti-British and anti-western propaganda.

The internal BBC seminar was revealing, too.

Andrew Marr, the presenter, told an audience at an internal seminar that the organisation had an abnormally large number of young employees, ethnic minorities and gay people.

At the same event, executives including Alan Yentob agreed that while kosher food, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bible could be consigned to Room 101 – the BBC's fictitious depository of pet hates – the Koran could not.

In any case, the BEEB is obviously feeling the heat. Let's hope it makes them begin to put an end to their hatred for Christians and western morals. And I am proud to say that Newsbusters has been one of the many voices calling the BEEB to account.

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