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Friday, October 20, 2006


Brits Realizing it IS a War on Islamic Extremism

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, we have two good stories out of England that should be heralded, proving that the Brits are "getting it" that this is a war on extremist Muslims and that means that ALL Muslims must be looked at askance. Not because all Muslims are somehow guilty, but that one cannot tell the guilty ones from the innocent ones without investigation. The Brits are realizing that Muslims are going to have to have some restrictions, are going to have to prove their innocence, and just cannot be allowed to roam freely without suspicion upon them in this day when ANY of them could be hiding terrorist plans.

Our freedoms should not be used as a shield to hide terrorist activities in the west. As the famous quote about the Constitution goes - our laws are not a "suicide pact". Muslim's finances must be scrutinized more closely than are other citizen's. Certain Muslim practices must not be allowed, like the veil. And their Mosques and schools must not be allowed total autonomy and practice without a wary eye upon them.

The Brits are starting to see that this is true and beginning to understand what it takes to safeguard the public from the threat of Islamofascism.

Story #1-
Muslim architecture student quizzed by police over Canary Wharf photo project

In this one, police detained and questioned a man dressed in traditional Muslim garb for walking about a wharf shooting photos.

Turns out his efforts were for a school project and it was all innocent. Naturally, he complains about being "singled out" and abused by the police.

I say, good on the police for at least trying to stop what could have been a terrorist casing the Wharf for an attack.

This student's troubles can be turned against his own people. Islam takes the blame for this, not western "fascism" or authoritarianism. If his people were not acting the way they do all across the globe, such suspicion would not be warranted. But, since they DO act that way, they should expect to find themselves under suspicion anywhere they go.

Heal your own house, Islam. THEN expect to be treated with respect.

Story #2-
UK teacher loses veil discrimination case

Here we have a London teacher who has been told by the government that she cannot wear a veil that covers her entire face, except for her eyes, and remain a teacher of English for children.

Also naturally, she complains that she is being attacked for her religion, but British officials say her veil creates "visible statement of separation and difference." Meaning, she is creating a segregated society by wearing a veil.

The Brits are right. The veil is a way to discriminate against women. The fact that it is a tradition among Muslims is meaningless when it comes to equal treatment under the law. It should be remembered that genital mutilation of females is a "tradition" in Islam, too. We don't want to sanction THAT barbaric practice on the grounds of "religious expression" do we?

Islam is an enemy to civilization and cannot be expected to join the 21st century until it has its own reformation. But, until then, it must be viewed with suspicion. Every Mosque is a probable terrorist's haven. Every Muslim a potential murderer.

The sooner we realize that the safer we will be.

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