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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The 'Chip N Dale' Approach (Since Treason Doesn't Work Anymore)

- By R.A. Hawkins

Since the Democrats have discovered the voters to be a lot smarter than they thought they were they are opting for a newer and more refreshing upbeat way to win an election. They are going to run what they consider to be hunks for the soccer moms. Actually what I’m saying is they are going to try to insult us again and hope they get away with it along with the election.

I'm certain they are going to stay away from National Security, since it's obvious it doesn't matter to them anyway. I guess that's not quite fair. It does matter to them immensely if they think they can use it to win an election. Other than that, like the facts, it’s an obstacle to power. Besides, their message is ringing out far and wide from the likes of Castro and Chavez and everyone's favorite - Gorbachev. It’s no longer necessary for them to fret or worry their pretty little heads anymore. The enemy has heard them loud and clear and has picked up their banner and talking points.

I particularly enjoy reading Chavez, who just had a protest thrown in his honor in Venezuela that was actually as big is the ones the liberals have tried so desperately to assemble here in protest of the war. It really looked as though it was as large as the ones the liberals claim they have. They didn't have to do a close up and say how many people were there. An aerial photo caught most of the group, but it was obvious that, like their economy, a lot of people still got left out. Some people are just more equal than others in a society like the Democrats dream of, aren't they? Apparently the locals aren't impressed with the socialist utopian idea of happiness, but that's probably because they are actually living in it instead of just fantasizing about it.
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