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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Communitarian Fools & Their Money Soon Parted

- By Frederick Meekins

In a classic Simpsons' moment, at their show's equivalent of Disney World dedicated to the parodies of Tom and Jerry known as Itchy and Scratchy, a giddy Homer is duped into trading his money for the amusement park's imitation play currency which can't be spent on anything at the park. The scene is humorous in that only Homer would be among those stupid enough to fall for such a scheme.

At one time, it use to be a sign of discernment if the prudent citizen was not taken in by such snake oil. However, if a bunch of grubby beatniks have their way, one's willingness to fall for such nonsense will serve as a measure of one's devotion to and support of the COMMUNITY.

According to the June 2006 Hyattsville Life And Times, the cities of Hyattsville, Mount Rainier, and Brentwood will be acquiring a local currency to be called the "Anacostia Hour". Those hoodwinked into accepting this tender can use it to purchase goods from businesses part of the program and even pay employees "willing" to accept this glorified monopoly money.................................
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