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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Gov't 'Spying' on Peace Activists... NOT!

-By Warner Todd Huston

On ABC 7 News tonight a local Chicago "peace" Wacko was briefly interviewed during which time he claimed the Chicago police were "spying" on him.

OK, black helicopter stuff, right? We can just laugh it off as the rant of a nutcase. It would be funny, but this particular nutcase's assumptions cost the city of Chicago "tens of thousands of dollars" this weekend!

Hundreds of police officers show up for canceled protest

Police: Mix-up was waste of resources
By Dan Ponce

October 28, 2006 - Hundreds of police officers showed up to keep the peace at what was supposed to be an anti-war rally Saturday afternoon. Police are now calling it a waste of resources after the protesters did not show.

It's a mix up that will cost tax payers tens of thousands of dollars. The anti-war demonstration at Washington Square was supposed to start at noon and the Chicago Police Department was ready. But the protesters were a no show, and police say it was a big waste of time and money.

OK, hardy, har, har. The cops showed up for a protest that had been canceled and the "peace" activists had not bothered to inform the city that all the security wouldn't be needed.

Easy to laugh, I suppose. But the police had a real reason to organize this overwhelming force because in 2003 there was a "peace" protest that went wild, during which many were injured and damage was done to property. The police had an obligation to make sure this would not happen again.

Here is the excuse given by the nitwit who organized the non-protest...

John Beacham, Illinois Anti-War Coalition... had one more theory as to why the police department should have known protesters weren't showing up.

"The city is usually spying on us and watching us carefully, so we just figured they understood there wasn't a demonstration today," said Beecham.

Um, no, Johnnie boy. Not only do American governments NOT make it a habit to "spy" on "peace" activists, but YOU, sir, are not important enough for government to surveil in the first place! And, if this isn't proof that Johnnie and his little pals were NOT being "spied" upon, what would?

The tin foil on his head is too tight, it appears.

The very last line of the story gave me hope, though.

But the deputy superintendent says the department will look into recouping some of its costs.

I hope Johnnie boy and all his little half-wit buddies get sued by the city for the costs incurred for the organization of this police presence for the cancelled "peace" protest.... PLUS court costs!

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