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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hillary stuck between Barack and a hard place

- By Michael M. Bates

Mrs. Clinton is not a sympathetic figure. Although there may still be a residue of public empathy because of her husband’s bad behavior, many people view her as an enabler, aware of his philandering from the start. As the song goes, she knew he was a snake before she took him in.

There must be, however, a modicum of compassion for her now. With the sudden emergence of Barack - make that Barack! - Obama as a likely candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, she's gone from Hillary the inevitable to Hillary the unenviable.

Senator Obama says he's thinking of running. What he really means is he wants Democratic voters to think of him running. And to ask, nay beg, him to accept their coronation.

There's Obama on Oprah. There's Obama on the cover of Time. There's Obama persistently being hyped on cable news show as serious presidential timber.

On one program the other day, the media's excitement was conspicuous. Chris Matthews told viewers that Senator Obama "can stand before a crowd and make them feel magic." A Time reporter noted that the Illinois senator "really is really good." Not to be outdone, a BBC correspondent expressed her opinion that Barack "has all sorts of charisma. He is ridiculously good looking!"

Assuredly, his pals in the mainstream media are doing what they can to peddle Obama. Yet there's no doubting his appeal to rank-and-file Democrats as well.

Why? In a word, baggage............................................
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