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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm Part of the "Republican PR Machine"?? So Says ABC News

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, I posted my story on Newbusters on this John F'n Kerry flap in Pasadena this morning, went to bed (I work graveyard shift) and woke up to find my posting was on ABC World News Tonight!

ABC Highlights Role of NewsBusters In Getting Kerry Story Out

This evening's edition of ABC's World News Tonight highlighted the role NewsBusters played in getting out the story of John Kerry's controversial comments on education and "getting stuck in Iraq."

NewsBuster Warner Todd Huston was among the first in the blogosphere to break the story. As ABC senior national correspondent Jake Tapper described how "the Republican PR machine mov[ed] into high gear . . . and conservative blogs and talk radio had a field day" two images of NewsBusters appeared on-screen, including one showing Huston's story.

I guess my thought that the MSM would sweep this story under the rug was thwarted by that "Republican PR Machine", eh??

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