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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ohio Voter ID Law Stands... for Now

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a never ending attempt to thwart what the electorate through their elected representatives want implemented, the state Courts and leftist activists are dong anything they can to cancel, halt or stay voter ID requirement laws. Fortunately, several Federal Courts have reversed the state court rulings and allowing the ID laws to stand... for now. but, various extreme democrat activists will continue their efforts to eliminate ID requirements to vote.

Ohio voting law is back in action

CINCINNATI — A federal appeals court on Sunday put on hold a decision that suspended Ohio's identification requirements for absentee voting, meaning voters applying for the early ballots must continue giving proof of their ID.

It simply makes good common sense to require voters to present an ID upon entering the polling place. Then only reason anyone would have to oppose this requirement is that they want people who are NOT eligible to vote in the first place to be able to vote illegally.

The left wants to pretend that this is some effort by the GOP to "disenfranchise" voters, but it is merely a sensible attempt to eliminate ineligible voters. Of course, the left wants to get as many illegal votes as it can as this has always been a great resource for them. And this is the only reason they are fighting ID laws.

It SURE as heck isn't because they care about voters' rights!

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http://joellpalmer.blogspot.com has the documetns in the new indiana voter ID lawsuit. My guess is you won't like it.
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