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Friday, October 20, 2006


What a Democratic victory will mean

- By Michael M. Bates

Media analysts and other deep thinkers are touting polls that point to a Democratic sweep next month. Democrats have progressed from thinking in terms of what if to when.

Republicans can still win. To do so, they need to nationalize the election.

Most voters believe, understandably, that Congress is doing a lousy job. Simultaneously, they think their own member is doing OK. But who is your Congressman going to vote for to lead the House?

Archliberals will be running things if Democrats take over. The GOP needs to constantly argue that case.

A Democratic majority means Californian Nancy Pelosi will become the House speaker. Most citizens don't know much about Ms. Pelosi. They will learn plenty in a hurry when she pushes her radical agenda.

Ms. Pelosi has said she doesn't "really consider ourselves at war" with terrorism, that it's actually just a struggle. Moreover, she's claimed this year's election "shouldn't be about national security."

Maybe she's trying to cover up her votes as the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee. In the years prior to 9/11, despite her having inside knowledge of the threats confronting the U.S., she regularly voted against intelligence funding...........................................
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