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Monday, October 30, 2006


Workshop of the Second Self: A Book Review

- By Dave Huntwork

We increasingly live in a society where everyone is a victim; and just one step from everyone having a disability. We have gone far beyond the physical handicaps, or the obvious mental illness, that were normally and traditionally defined as disabilities. Now it encompasses alcoholism, being shy, being ugly, anxieties of all sorts, phobias of every strip, fear of crowds, fear of open spaces, and of aliens abducting you in the middle of the night. Nearly everything that might conceivably or conjecturally "hold one back" or make it more difficult to be successful is an automatic gateway to victimhood. It has reached into race, religion, social and economic class, and even just being born as anything less than the stereotypical upper class WASP so vilified by modern political ideologies.

The social engineers of the day have declared that the old notion of opportunity is not good enough. Those who start at a higher disadvantage than others are no longer encouraged and praised to overcome the obstacles beyond their control or bestowed upon them by birth, but to declare "victimhood" and "disability". And with such designations comes the expectation of exceptional accommodation and "just compensation" from society at large. The burden of success and achievement is shifting from the individual to an obligation that must be provided by the government and the culture at large................
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