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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


ABCNews: Pays no Attention to Devito's Bush Bashing

-By Warner Todd Huston
As reported on Newsbusters by Michelle Humphrey, actor Danny Devito was on ABC's "The View" today and went into a seemingly drunken tirade against President Bush and generally acted the fool on the show.

And, as Michelle added in her update to her original entry, ABCNews issued Devito's "apology" on their website.

But, this "apology" is interesting in that ABCNews mentions all the wild statements and strange behavior by Devito on every subject except his Bush bashing. We are left wondering why it was "proper" reporting to mention Devito's seeming inebriation, his mention of partying with actor George Clooney, his slurred speech, his being bleeped, his Clinton White House story and then his "apology" to Barbra Walters.... yet not a single mention of his attack on president Bush.

Is it perhaps because ABCNews doesn't think Devito's boorish behavior was wrong when he was calling Bush names and making monkey noises in reference to the president?

I'd say it is pretty clear that ABCNews doesn't feel that Devito has anything to apologize for where it concerns his attack on president Bush.

What do you think?
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