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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The Irrelevant and Unreal Party

- By Chuck Busch

The Democrat Party has become the party of irrelevance and unreality. Regarding the two most imminent and interrelated threats to America’s very existence, US borders and the global war on terror, the Democrats have already conceded surrender and servitude. Their demands for a "change in direction" in policy simply means that they have settled on a "course" of expediency and appeasement. They have no plan to reverse the invasion of aliens into the country or to defeat the rise of islamofacism because even after mass street demonstrations in defiance of American law and the eruption of militant Muslim violence throughout the world, the Democrats still do not consider these conditions to be a menacing crisis but rather convenient vehicles for their political aspirations. The debate on how to overcome these tremendous challenges of the 21st Century is only taking place within the Republican Party as they wrestle to develop realistic strategies to promote the general interests of all the American people and secure their safety.

Border Security

To the Democrats, the vast hordes of desperate people risking their lives streaming across the borders are nothing more than a vast resource for their multicultural utopian socialist society and a huge voting block to promote the same and keep them in power. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean does not believe illegal aliens and those who transport and hire them are criminals. He supports a "comprehensive immigration reform" that is both "tough and smart". According to him, this means a plan (i.e.: amnesty) that "strengthens our borders, protects U.S. workers and their wages, reunites families, and allows hard working immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law the opportunity to apply for the responsibilities of citizenship.".............
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