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Friday, November 24, 2006


A Review of Matrix Revolution

- By Greg Stewart

Editor's Note: I originally wrote this review for my Anthropology of Popular Culture class in the December of 2003. At the time, I was at different mindset. Some of this will come across as agenda ridden from a liberal left perspective. Guess what? It was and is, but the cultural perspective from some will find it valid and a bit understated. So, I ask you for moment and step outside the box of rigidity and look beyond the obvious and view from "The Others" perspective.

I wanted to see the ultimate movie experience in special effects, martial arts, and conclude a storyline cliffhanger from the second movie, Matrix Reloaded; however, the epoch Matrix Revolutions was to be the definitive conclusion of the series, but left me confused. Why?

For the most part, the third Matrix movie wraps up the trilogy with very few open-ended questions. Yet, I am plagued with a sing question about the series: the casting of the characters both-- primary and secondary. It is subtle. I would like to think that it is unintentional, but my suspicions are that it may not be. What am I referring to? Even though the movie purports diversity, the hegemonic themes of Christianity are riddled throughout the movie (and the trilogy--to be honest)....................
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