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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Russian Spy Murdered Under Londoner's Noses

-by Warner Todd Huston

Many of you will have heard of this interesting, sinister story about ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko having been poisoned and killed as he lived in England.

but I have a few points I'd like to remind everyone about...

Spy 'Poisoned By Radiation'

A large quantity of radiation, probably from a substance called Polonium 210, has been found in the body of dead ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Police in the UK are trying to find out who and what killed the 43-year-old former security agent.

Who can doubt that this defector and vehement critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin, was ordered killed by that same leader? After all, half a dozen of Putin's critics in business and journalism have suddenly been murdered over the last few years.


Not very.

Still, it is interesting to see the British press going gaga over this guy's death. So, I thought it would behoove us to remember that Litvinenko was a spy just like the guy that killed him (whom ever that may have been). And we should realize that Litvinenko probably ordered the deaths of many men in his day... and it is likely he despatched some of them personally.

Who killed Litvinenko?

Alexander Litvinenko was a man who could be taught little about the seamy side of modern Russia. A KGB agent for 18 years, he occupied a world where intrigue, betrayal and ruthless trickery were the tools of working life.

So, yes it is horrible that this assassination took place right in the western country of England where such things aren't supposed to happen. But let's not act as if Litvinenko is some wide-eyed, innocent here.

Reaping what one sowed is an apt axiom.

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